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Where we are now:

Our tearoom opened on the Spring Bank Holiday. The shop took longer because of the work involved, and being reliant on shelving from the Co-op, who also very generously donated some attractive tables and chairs for the tearoom. The shop opened on August Bank Holiday and both are now open each day from 11am until 5pm. This is we feel, a great achievement for two small communities.  We intend opening earlier in the day and being able to sell newspapers and magazines but this will depend on attracting more volunteers – if you are interested please contact one of us who are on duty and we will tell you how you can help.

We are currently renting our premises and have been given 12 months to raise the purchase price of £185,000.  Many of the funding avenues which were available last October (when we set out on this community project to secure a shop and tearoom for our two communities of Holne and Scoriton) have now either been withdrawn due to government cutbacks or have reduced funds for distribution. We are therefore struggling to find capital funding to help us with our goal to raise the required funds – the 12 months end next April.

If you look at the funding statement on our tearoom wall you will see we have been very successful in getting small grants from local charities and from our parish councils.  We were also very grateful to receive £10k from our County Councillor.  Our biggest donation however has come from a generous member of our community who donated £50k - £40k towards the capital cost of the building and £10k towards set up and running costs.  Other applications are in hand, but we know we have an uphill struggle so if you can help ……………………….

On Wednesday 19th of October at 7.30pm in Holne Village Hall, we will be launching our Community Share Issue – so this is for all of you who have already pledged money towards our enterprise and anyone else who would like more information on what it entails. This will be your chance to help us finance the purchase of the building and  you will become a member of our Industrial Provident Society and be able to help make decisions about the running of the Community Shop and Tearoom.  We hope  representatives from the Community Council of Devon, the Plunkett Foundation and the Dartmoor National Park Authority, will be in attendance – all of whom have supported us since the very first public meeting held in the Holne Village Hall in September last year.  Please come…. !

Besides volunteers to help in the shop or tearoom, we also need more committee members. There are a number of different roles we need help with such as being responsible for the building i.e. checking that everything is in order, that the windows are cleaned, that our waste is recycled and the rubbish collected etc.  We also need someone to manage the volunteer rota and to recruit more help. A volunteer is also needed to keep the outside area tidy and the hedges trimmed and to look after the hanging baskets and planters.  If you have a financial brain how about helping with the accounts?  The more people we have to help us, the more we will succeed, so if you can help, please get in touch. Thank you

If you would like to know more please contact one of our committee members (all on exchange 01364):  Gilly Simpson  631344, Kay Howard 631457 Judy Le Marchant  644099, Anne Baker 631335, Liz Ross 631146 Gill Gray 631111 or Biddy Mayo 631411.



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