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Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council
held at Holne Village Hall on Tuesday 7 July 2015 at 8.00pm



Cllr B Owen (Chairman)
Cllr D Higman
Cllr T Powell
Cllr E Ross
Cllr G Simpson
In attendance
Suzanna Hughes (Clerk), County Cllr Rowe & District Cllr Smerdon and two members of the public
Open Forum

District Cllr Smerdon gave a verbal report, a copy of which is attached.

County Cllr Rowe asked whether the parish had issues with its broadband speeds.  She advised that there were plans underway to improve the service.  She informed members that there are plans to unveil a new school at Ladysmith School in Exeter.  There is also a scheme running called ‘Open Wide Devon’ which is trying to encourage people to take their children to their dentist and for people to go themselves.  A ‘Taking Care in the Sun’ scheme is also running.  Cranbrook has been nominated as one of the top 60 developments in the ‘In House’ magazine.  A new railway station is going in soon.  Tickets are being sold to walk across a section of the new South Devon link road on 25th July.   New housing on the Brixham Road has been built very quickly.  Similarly, the housing scheme in Totnes – Follaton Oak - is being sold off plan.  The Boundary Commission’s consultation closes on 6th July.

Paul Arrowsmith reminded members that he was booked to attend the Chapter 8 training being offered by DCC on 15th and 16th July to comply with requirements for becoming a Community Road Warden.  However, he had been informed that he would need to bring with him his own safety equipment, some of which he would be able to provide, but not all.  He was also unsure whether he would be able to continue with the role of Road Warden beyond the autumn.    

The Chairman brought to the attention of the County Councillor the fact that DCC had recently prepared some roads in the parish for resurfacing.  She advised that the vehicle that clears the highway of debris came before the hedges were trimmed and therefore had to come back again to clear the hedge trimmings.  She suggested that this does not make financial sense and asked if Cllr Rowe could feed this back to her colleagues at DCC.  Cllr Rowe did not think there was anything she could do and advised the clerk to write to David Whitton.  The Chairman further commented that only the bottom of the hedge needed to be cut rather than the whole of the hedge which will unnecessarily disturb the wildlife.
The meeting was opened by Cllr Owen at 8.25pm.



Apologies for Absence

  • Cllr S Hayles
  • Cllr D Troake


Declarations of Interest
Members were reminded of their responsibility to continually update their Notice of Registerable Interests and invited to state whether they have any interests in any matter to be discussed during this meeting.
There were no declarations of interest.


Requests for Dispensations
No requests were received.


Ratification of Minutes
Members present received the minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on 2 June      2015 and agreed unanimously that they be signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record of the meeting.


Members approved the following payments:

  • Cheque no 739 – Birbeck Landscapes - £225
  • Cheque no 740 – SHDC (Inspection and insurance for play area) - £ 120
  • Cheque no 741 – HMRC (PAYE)  - £147.80
  • Cheque no 742 – Holne Village Hall - £6.00



6.1   New Planning Applications
         There were no new planning applications.

6.2    Decisions
         6.2.1      0217/15 – Agricultural storage barn (18.2m x 3.6m), Littlecombe, Holne
                        Members noted that DNPA approves the work described in the notification              


7.1    Members received and considered one quotation to replace the damaged granite stones
          forming the clapper bridge over the leat behind The Church House Inn.  The quotation received 
          was for £450.It was also  observed that there is another cracked slab which is starting to
          wobble/collapse and to replace this one at the same time would cost an additional £150.  After
          a discussion, members agreed to accept the quotation received from Richard Gray. 

7.2   Members received a response from DCC Highways Officer, Lisa Edmonds, regarding the
         markers delineating the leat at Tithe Barn which stated that there was a works order    
         planned for last year under DCC’s Structures Budget to replace the marker posts here. 
         Unfortunately the funding ran out and there is no local Structures Budget for this financial
         year.   At this stage, therefore, she is not able to provide any dates as to when this work might    
         be carried out.


Little Bewden
8.1     Members were concerned that there were still outstanding issues yet to be resolved by Hastoe  
           Housing Association including a potential breach of the planning conditions.  It was agreed to
           write to Jo Flint, copying in the Head of Planning at DNPA,  Stephen Belli, asking for an update
           and asking DNPA to look into the potential breach of the planning conditions.   The Chairman
           also asked District Cllr Smerdon to put pressure on Hastoe to expedite the outstanding issues. 
           It was also suggested that a site meeting is held to which Jo Flint, Ru Roberts, District Cllr
           Smerdon, Cllr Higman and Stephen Belli are invited.

8.2.   Members received and noted a statement on Hastoe’s position on the proposed Right to Buy  


Members received a report from Holne Playpark Charity with regard to its role and future, as follows:

  1.  Holne Playpark Charity will continue to exist indefinitely and our role will remain as our constitutional aim:

              'Our vision is to protect and enhance the future of the Playpark in Holne, as a recreational    
               facility for all members of the local community and visitors.'

  1.  The new play equipment is essentially the property/asset of Biffa Award for five years as pat of the conditions of the award funding, and so will have to remain in our name but as their asset until this time.  The intention would be for us to transfer the ownership of the equipment to the Parish Council at this time.


  1.  We understand that the previous equipment had not been insured for a number of years, only the park itself.  We are very grateful to the Parish Council for funding the insurance of the new equipment we have provided for the village, ensuring that play equipment remains a part of the community space for the next generation.  We would hope that the Parish Council will continue to fund the insurance for the equipment annually.
  1.  We assume that the status quo would remain in terms of annual inspections and maintenance being carried out by HPC and SHDC as laid out in your letter of support for our funding application.  SHDC are aware of the new play equipment and are happy with it we understand.


  1.  Our next improvement plan will be to look at improving the access into the field; looking at the ground conditions and gate in particular.
  1. Our purpose is not one of maintenance and general upkeep (i.e. leats, hedges, grass cutting), but rather of raising funding for improvements for the field which will benefit the community.


  1. We hope that the parish will begin to utilise the field for more personal and community events and we certainly plan to start arranging some of these in the near future.

The proposals, as stated above, were agreed.


Memorial Stone (next to telephone kiosk)
It was agreed to ask Michael French about the history of the memorial stone before any further action is taken with regard to cleaning the stone.


Gate onto the Moor by the quarry
Cllr Ross expressed concern about the condition of the gate onto the Moor.  Whilst it has been repaired a number of times, a new gate is required.  It was agreed to write to DNPA, as the landlord, to request that the gate is replaced.


Potholes, highway maintenance reports and other highways issues                                       
Following Paul Arrowsmith’s report in the open forum, it was agreed that, under the circumstances, the place on the training course on 15/16 July would be cancelled.  It was further considered that the responsibility for the maintenance of the highways should still rest with the County Council rather than the Parish.


Clerk’s or Councillors’ reports on matters authorised by the Council
It was noted that the salt in the grit bin at Playcross was solid.  Paul Arrowsmith offered to look at all the grit bins to ensure that the salt is in a usable condition prior to the onset of winter.


Chairman’s urgent business for action by the clerk if covered by delegated powers or for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting


15.1        Members received an invitation to attend a South Hams Town and Parish Council event on  
              27 July 2015.  As this event was being held during the day, no members were available to  
15.2        Members received and noted a reply from Dr Sarah Wollaston MP in response to issues  
              raised by this Council relating to broadband and Right to Buy.

Other items for information only were placed in the circulation folder or emailed direct to members.


Date of Next Meeting
It was confirmed that the date of the next Parish Council meeting will be Tuesday 1 September 2015 at 7.30pm.   It was agreed to have another ‘walkabout’ of the village prior to the meeting and therefore it was agreed to meet at 6.45pm outside the Village Hall.

Cllr Simpson gave her apologies for the September meeting.


The meeting closed at 8.53pm.


Cllr B Owen



Two local action groups working across the South Hams and West Devon have been awarded a total of £3.5 million to invest in projects which will create jobs and benefit the rural economy.

The Devon Renaissance (DR), company who deliver the programs on behalf of the Local Action Groups expect to start accepting applications for the first round of funding from September onwards.  Any businesses, particularly those that work in farming or forestry are asked to get in touch with the Devon Renaissance company to discuss how to apply for funding. Funding is also available for groups of businesses and community groups that have ideas that will help to create jobs, e.g. start up costs and help with marketing and website development.
www.drcompany.co.uk   01837 658643

An information event for town and parish councillors has been arranged to take place at Follaton House at 9:15am on Monday 27th July.  To enable us to plan the event successfully Town and Parish Councils are asked to confirm if they are sending representatives by 5pm on Wednesday 22July

From Monday 15th June 2015 the main entrance to the reception area at Follaton House is open each weekday from 9am after a major refurbishment.

SHDC are about to start a review of Leisure services across the district. There are four leisure centres at Totnes, Kingsbridge, Dartmouth and Ivybridge, all currently managed and staffed by Tone Leisure. Their contract is up for renewal in the autumn, and we will be seeking tenders from operators interested in taking the centres on.

The major reorganisation at SHDC is taking shape. All senior management posts have now been filled, and more modern working practices involving more use of the latest technology are rapidly being adopted. The Planning Team, currently understaffed, is being brought up to full strength, and all enquiries should now go through Customer Services on 01803 861234.
A team of Locality Officers will soon be active across the Council Area, and myself and Cllr. Steer will be meeting and introducing Dai Antill, who will cover South Brent Ward.





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