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Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council
held at Holne Village Hall on Tuesday 2 June 2015 at 8.00pm



Cllr B Owen
Cllr D Higman
Cllr T Powell
Cllr E Ross
Cllr G Simpson
Cllr D Troake
In attendance
Suzanna Hughes (Clerk), District Cllr Smerdon and John Nutley
Open Forum
John Nutley informed members that following his success in the District Council elections, this would be his last last meeting as Holne’s DNPA representative.  He had enjoyed representing the parish over the last 4 years and wished everyone well for the future.
District Cllr Smerdon informed members that SHDC is now taking shape following the recent elections.  He reminded members that following the Boundary Commission’s review, there are now ten less councilors.  There are three main committees – Scrutiny, Planning and Licensing.   He informed members that he has been elected Vice Chairman of SHDC.  Considerable reorganisation is taking place.  Across the South Hams, six Locality Officers have been appointed to visit places where people gather (post office, shop etc).  They will be there to give advice, put up planning notices, issue recycling bags etc.

County Cllr Rowe was unable to attend the meeting but sent a written report which is attached.


The meeting was opened by Cllr Owen at 7.47pm.



Apologies for Absence

  • Cllr S Hayles
  • County Cllr R Rowe
  • PC W Young


Declarations of Interest
Members were reminded of their responsibility to continually update their Notice of Registerable Interests and invited to state whether they have any interests in any matter to be discussed during this meeting.
There were no declarations of interest.


Requests for Dispensations
No requests were received.



Ratification of Minutes
Members present received the minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on 12 May      2015 and agreed unanimously that they be signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record of the meeting.



    • Invoices for payment

Members approved the following payments:

  • Cheque no 736 - S Hughes - £21.00 (Ink)
  • Cheque no 737 - Community First  - £4.53 (additional premium)
  • Cheque no 738 – South West Internal Audit - £90



Ballot Papers for Parish Members to DNPA
Members considered nominations for parish members to DNPA and agreed to vote for Elisabeth Ross and Maurice Retallick.


Review of Fixed Assets Register
Members discussed whether the new play equipment should be included on the Parish Council’s fixed asset register or whether the equipment belonged to the charity.  After a discussion, it was agreed to write to Holne Playpark Charity to seek some clarification about the ownership and ongoing responsibility of the play equipment and the future of the charity, in particular whether or not it is the Charity’s intention to continue and if so, what is its expectation of the Parish Council.


8.1   New Planning Applications
          0261/15 – Erection of mono-pitch barn with three open sides (137sqm) at Holne Park Farm, 

          Members agreed to comment on this application after they had visited the site.

8.2    Decisions
          There were no decisions to report.     


The meeting was suspended at 8.16pm  to allow members to inspect the damaged granite clapper bridge over the leat behind The Church House Inn.

The meeting resumed at 8.27pm.

It was agreed to obtain quotations to supply and fit two granite stones.

It was also noted that the markers delineating the leat at Tithe Barn  have not yet been replaced despite this being first reported 6 months ago.  It was agreed to ask County Cllr Rowe for her assistance to follow this up.


Little Bewden
10.1   It was noted that Hastoe are to still to carry out an end of defects inspection at each of the
           properties.  It was believed that this will be undertaken this week.

10.2  Members were asked to consider the following question raised by a parishioner:
          How does Holne Parish Council plan to respond to the Government’s initiative included in the    
          Queen’s Speech, to allow tenants of Housing Associations to buy their homes with the
          promise of building replacement homes for each which is sold.

       Members expressed their concern about the proposals having fought very hard to achieve the
         small development in Holne against DNPA policy.  There is no other land to develop
         further housing and therefore if the houses at Little Bewden were sold, Holne would lose
         this housing stock for future generations.  Whilst members acknowledged that this is
         only a proposal at present, it was agreed to write to Dr Sarah Wollaston MP to make her
         aware of the Parish Council’s views so that, if necessary, the appropriate representations can be  
         made.   District Cllr Smerdon also informed members that he was concerned about the proposal
         and would be making further investigations.


It was reported that the opening event was a great success and a report would be included in the next edition of the Parish Link.  Snagging issues are in the process of being resolved by the contractors.  Members congratulated the Charity members for their achievement.


BT Adopt a Kiosk
Members considered an invitation from BT to adopt the telephone kiosk for £1.  It was agreed to decline the offer as it is a functioning telephone.


Memorial Stone
Having inspected the memorial stone near the telephone kiosk, it was agreed  to ask  Michael French and David Powell about its history.  It was noted that it dated back to the 19th century and was a private memorial stone.


Potholes, highway maintenance reports and other highways issues                                       
The following maintenance issues were reported/noted:

  • Pothole at Holne Chase hill still not filled
  • Road closure at Little Cross 15th June – 19th June.



Clerk’s or Councillors’ reports on matters authorised by the Council
Following the discussion last month, Cllr Simpson provided a leaflet with prices of brown advertising signs.  It was agreed to take no further action.


Chairman’s urgent business for action by the clerk if covered by delegated powers or for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting
16.1  It was noted that complaints had been raised about the house being built on the hill by Mr
          Cleave.  It was agreed to keep an eye on it to ensure it complies with the planning conditions.  

16.2  Cllr Ross informed members that there is a proposal in the parish of Widecombe for a mobile
          phone mast.  The clerk advised that DNPA were recommending refusal and the Parish Council
          had objected.  In view of this, it was agreed that it was not necessary for Holne Parish Council to
          respond to the application.

16.3  The Chairman suggested that the Council has a walk around the village ahead of the next Parish
          Council meeting.  This was agreed to be held at 6.45pm on Tuesday 7 July 2015 preceding the
          Parish Council meeting at 7.30pm.


17.1   Members received correspondence from the Head of Planning, DNPA, asking whether
           members would like to receive any planning training.  All members expressed interest in
           receiving some training along the lines of an overview of all planning matters (depending on 
           the timing of the training and availability of members etc).

Other items for information only were placed in the circulation folder or emailed direct to members.


Date of Next Meeting
It was confirmed that the date of the next Parish Council meeting will be Tuesday 7 July 2015 at 7.30pm.  The meeting would be preceded by a walkabout of the village at 6.45pm.


The meeting closed at 9.05pm.



Cllr B Owen



I have been your County Councillor for two years now and after initially getting started and learning what the main issues in the parishes are for the County Council nothing much seems to have changed. The same issues mainly to do with County Highways seem to keep coming up at meetings and are mainly due to the lack of Finance filtering down from central government to The County Council and gradually affecting parishes.
For Devon& most parish Councils I attend the main issue is The Roads from A classified roads to minor back roads particularly in areas near the Moors .Pot holes are best reported on line and anyone can do this, it is quick and easy & they will be fixed quite quickly.
Moving to major road improvements. The new South Devon Link Road Project linking Torbay to Newton Abbot by passing Kingskerswell to the Penn Inn roundabout and onwards to Exeter is well on track for completion in December 15. This project commenced in July 2012.The Flyover at The Penn Inn Roundabout is currently being finished and is one of the later stages of the project which is amazing.
Public health issues.
You will recall that I informed you of the T.B.scare at Teign School in Newton Abbot. Screening has been carried out on 300 staff and pupils at the school and 94 have proved positive for Latent T.B. which will mean have they do not have infectious T.B. but are carriers of the disease and will be given medication to reduce the likely hood of actually having active T.B.
There is The Stay Safe in the Sun publicity programme being run at present. This is to make people aware of the dangers of too much sun. To take adequate precautions with creams, oils etc.wear a hat and cover up when the sun is at its most powerful. Then hopefully everyone will enjoy their holidays, trips to the beach and days out during the summer holidays which are now fast approaching.
The Ring and Ride Service is celebrating 25 years of being in action this year.
Dartington School has not had a final decision taken on the final way forward yet. This has been ongoing for quite a long time now and is very complex.
There is also the Devon C.C.Boundary review which means that if it is implemented this Division will disappear and Holne will become part of Yealmpton division with 11 parishes east of this village.Your parish can comment if you so wish by the 7 th July15..
Best wishes to everyone.
Rosemary Rowe


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