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Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council
held at the Village Hall, Holne on Tuesday 30 March 2015 at 7.30pm



Cllr B Owen (Chairman)
Cllr S Hayles
Cllr T Powell
Cllr D Troake
In attendance
Suzanna Hughes (Clerk)
Open Forum

There were no members of the public present at the meeting.


The meeting was opened by the Chairman, Cllr Owen, at 8.01pm.



Apologies for Absence

  • Cllr D Higman
  • Cllr G Simpson
  • County Cllr R Rowe


Declarations of Interest
Members were reminded of their responsibility to continually update their Notice of Registerable Interests and invited to state whether they have any interests in any matter to be discussed during this meeting.
There were no declarations of interest.


Requests for Dispensations
No requests were received.


Ratification of Minutes
4.1  Members present received the minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 3 February
        2015 and agreed unanimously that they be signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record
        of the meeting.

4.2  Members present received the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 3 March 2015 and   
        agreed unanimously that they be signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record of the


Standing Orders
Members received an amendment to Standing Order 1 (m) following legislative changes.  The amendment related to the filming and recording of Parish Council meetings.  It was proposed and agreed that this Standing Order should now read:


m        A person may not orally report or comment about a meeting as it takes place if he is 
           present at the meeting of a parish council or its committees but otherwise may:

  • film, photograph or make an audio recording of a meeting;
  • use any other means for enabling persons not present to see or hear proceedings at a meeting as it takes place or later;
  • report or comment o the proceedings in writing during or after a meeting or orally report or comment after the meeting.


It was also agreed to accept and adopt a proposed protocol for the filming and recording of meetings which should be displayed at all future meetings of the Parish Council and its Committees.


5.1   New Planning Applications
         There were no new applications.

5.2    Decisions
         There were no decisions to report.
5.3  Applications withdrawn
        0083/15 – Replacement of existing cottage with high performance dwelling at Little Cross    
        Cottage, Holne      

        Members noted that this application has been withdrawn.             


7.1    Members approved the following payments:

  • Cheque 731 - £31.139 - S Hughes (Postage and ink)
  • Cheque 732 - £137.60 - HMRC (PAYE)
  • Cheque 733 - £656.74 - Devon County Council (HPC’s contribution to works at the leat at Little Cross)
  • Cheque 734 - £36.00 - Holne Village Hall

7.2    Members approved the continued membership of DALC and noted that the payment of
          £59.75 would be deducted by the District Council from the first intalment of the


6.1  Members discussed the ongoing problem of the culvert behind The Church House Inn which is in
        need of repair.  The main issue centres around responsibility and who is liable to fund any
        repairs.  It was agreed that the clerk should write to the owners of the properties on the lane on
        the other side of the culvert including the church and the pub who may have an interest in the
        repairs.  It was also agreed to contact DNPA to establish whether there is any funding available as
        we enter a new financial year.

6.2   It was reported that the posts have still not been replaced by DCC Highways opposite Tithe Barn. 
         It was agreed that the clerk would follow this up.


Members continued discussions regarding the future of the Parish Council’s website  -     
www.holneparishcouncil.net – and how it can be maintained and improved.  Members were informed that no volunteers had yet come forward following the article in the Parish Link.  It was agreed that the Council should continue to strive to find someone willing to take on the task.


Superfast Broadband
Members received details of those postcode areas which have gone live and are now capable of receiving a superfast service.  It was noted that Holne postcodes were not included on the list despite Sarah Wollaston MP’s assurance that BT were in the process of making necessary improvements to cabling etc at the start of the year.  It was agreed that the clerk should write to Sarah Wollaston MP again providing her with a copy of the postcode areas which are now live and ask her to follow this up with BT.


11.1   The clerk reminded members of the nomination process and that all nomination papers would
           need to be hand delivered to South Hams District Council by 4pm on 9 April.

11.2  Members received and noted details of the process for nomination of parish members to DNPA  
          which would take place after 7 May.


The Chairman reported that the installation of the new equipment has now been completed.  The Playpark Committee will be meeting to discuss outstanding issues.   The gap in the hedge is still open and Hastoe are in the process of arranging for contractors to install a gate.


Review of TAP process
Following the recent super cluster meeting during which the 2014/15 TAP fund applications were determined, SHDC has received some informal feedback prompting a review of the process and inviting comments from parish councils.  Members agreed that the main flaw with the scheme is the requirement for joint working with a neighbouring parish which was almost impossible for rural parishes such as Holne.


Canoeists at Holne Bridge
Members discussed a complaint raised by a parishioner with regard to blue signage, trees being cut down and canoeists at Holne Bridge.  It was agreed that safety signage was justified and that no further action would be taken.


Potholes, highway maintenance reports and other highways issues                                       
The following maintenance issues were reported:

  • On the road to Shuttaford, some potholes have still not been filled
  • The manhole cover opposite the pub appears to be slipping away


Clerk’s or Councillors’ reports on matters authorised by the Council


Chairman’s urgent business for action by the clerk if covered by delegated powers or for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting


There were no items of correspondence.

Other items for information only were placed in the circulation folder or emailed direct to members.


Date of Next Meeting
It was confirmed that the date of the Annual Parish Council meeting will be Tuesday 12 May 2015.  [it was subsequently agreed that this would be held at 8.00pm in Holne Community Shop and Tearooms]

       Part II
         Members of the public and press are excluded from this meeting as the items under discussion contain
         information exempt under Local Government Act 1972 Schedule 12A



Clerk’s Salary Review
Members received a report regarding the clerk’s salary.  It was agreed to increase the salary point to SCP 27.


The meeting closed at 8.42pm.



Cllr B Owen




There has been an alert over a T.B.Scare in humans after 1 pupil and 2 former pupils have contacted the illness at Teign School in Newton Abbot. All are said to be responding well to treatment but the Dept. of Health at Devon County Council is concerned about the risk of this potentially serious illness spreading.

Devon and Cornwall Police are joining forces with Dorset Police to streamline operational services across the 3 counties. Although this is not seen as a potential merger at present.

Totnes Fore Street /High street Traffic order has not gone away yet and needs to be sorted and finished with. It has been rumbling on and a final decision needs to be completed before the summer season. I am expecting it to come up before a local HATOC  Meeting in April.

I have been working on a Communities Task Group at Devon County and we have been looking at
What makes a strong community? Ideas  we have come up with include:

An active Parish Council  or Parish Group. (Some areas do not have parish councils.)

Facilities for meeting places for residents of all ages.

Social groups and events.

Supporting those in need. Young people, families, the elderly and frail, the disabled .The list are endless and we all have that in need in our villages.

More needs to be done to work together as one community.

Strengths. A sense of Leadership and ownership of community groups working together for the same objective for the benefit of the parish.

More caring towards those in need of help, particularly our children and the elderly.

We have also been focusing on Child Sexual Exploitation. This is a huge subject and there are some awful things which happen. We should be aware of this kind of crime being committed even in what we think are safe areas.

I would ask you to think about your community and of any ways which it can be improved or changes made to include more residents who perhaps do not join in much. Try and find out why this is so. Particularly where we are having new houses built. Are we, as a community being inclusive to new residents? Do we circulate them with welcome packs and all the information which is needed to make them feel welcome in their new area?

Lots of food for thought?

Rosemary Rowe.

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