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Holne Parish Council – AGM – 18/3/14
Apologies for Absence – Rosemary Rowe, Susannah Hughes, Members of PCC.

  1. Joe Flint (Hastoe)           
  2. Gave details of letting policy – see attached PDF.
  3. Noted that construction is expected to be completed by first week in June.
  4. End of April/beginning of May, notice will be given to potential tenants.
  1. Chairman’s report – see attached PDF.

Mike Bonny raised issue of Waterpark at corner of Michelcombe lane.

  1. County and District Council Reports – both absent and no reports received.


  1. Community Shop
  1. Shop year runs from September to August
  2. Shop Trade – affected by weather and uncertainty.
  3. Shop purchased in January.
  4. Looking to appoint Professional tearoom manager.


Mike Bonny wished to express the thanks of the community to Paul Arrowsmith for his efforts in securing the purchase of the shop.

  1. Holne Second Hand Bookshop – Mike Cunningham described the work of the shop and encouraged people to give old books to the shop and encourage them to make use of the service that the shop provides. He further explained that the shop had raised and donated £1687.53 to Holne Village and Charities during the course of the last year.


  1. Ross Grey – Tree Warden
  1. Ross explained role of tree warden in providing advice and guidance on trees and hedge banks.
  2. Ross wished to Council to express their thanks to the efforts of Rew Roberts in helping him in his role over recent years.
  3. Trees – there have been many fallen trees in local woods. An Oak tree has been planted in Playpark.
  4. The issue of the hedge bank at Little Bewden has now been resolved under Ross’s guidance.


  1. Village Hall – see attached report.
  1. Playpark
  2. 3 quotes have been received for new play equipment.
  3. 10% of funding to come from DNP and rest from ‘Biffa’.
  4. Tender for grass cutting awarded to Church yard contractor.



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