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Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council
held at the Village Hall, Holne on
Tuesday 3 December 2013 at 7.30pm


Cllr B Owen (Chairman)
Cllr S Hayles
Cllr D Troake
Cllr D Higman
Cllr T Powell
In attendance
Suzanna Hughes (Clerk), District Cllr Smerdon together with 3 members of the public.

Open Forum

District Cllr Smerdon
Cllr Smerdon reported that Richard Sheard (Chief Executive for SHDC and West Devon) is retiring at the end of 2014.

SHDC has now signed a complex s106 agreement relating to Sherford.

TAP fund applications are encouraged to be submitted before 10th January.

Formal budget setting process will start on 20 December 2013.  Full proposals will be presented to full Council on 13 February 2014.

He attended the DNPA Forum on 29 November 2013 and raised a question about the redistribution of New Homes bonus.  DNPA is planning to do something similar.  They have to wait until the new homes money has to come to them from the three district Councils (West Devon, SHDC and Teignbridge). Once the money is received, DNPA will put together a scheme.

Ross Gray
Advised members that he wrote to SHDC and Hastoe about one of the affordable homes being available on a shared ownership basis.  He thanked everyone for pushing the shared ownership issue.  Has now received a response from both.  His main concern was that the property values are too high and the deadline for applications is too short.

Also expressed concern about the quality of the build.   Cavities should be cleaned out everyday – this hasn’t been done.  Insulation has been put in poorly.

Paul Arrowsmith
Would like to see the Parish Council support the DNPA by not supporting large retrospective planning applications (referring to item 6.2.1).

Suggested that the Parish Council should follow up the issue raised by Ross Gray about poor quality workmanship.  Cllr Smerdon offered to follow this up with the Building Inspector.

Stressed the need to keep on top of potholes. 

Hoped that if further TAP funding is secured, it is spent with a bit more urgency than the funding secured for first aid training which has yet to be expended.

County Cllr Rowe
Report attached.

The meeting was opened by the Chairman, Cllr Owen, at 7.58pm.



Apologies for Absence

  • Cllr G Simpson
  • County Cllr R Rowe


Declarations of Interest
Members were reminded of their responsibility to continually update their Notice of Registerable Interests and invited to state whether they have any interests in any matter to be discussed during this meeting.

A disclosable pecuniary interest in item 5.2 was declared by Cllrs Hayles, Higman and Powell as council tax payers resident in the parish to which the setting of the precept relates.

Cllr Owen declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in item 5.1.


Requests for Dispensations
Cllrs Hayles, Higman and Powell requested a dispensation to discuss and vote on, at this meeting and future meetings of Holne Parish Council, the budget and setting of the precept as council tax payers in this parish.  It was further stated that without the dispensation the number of persons unable to participate in the transaction of business would be so great as to impede the transaction of the business and the granting of a dispensation was in the interests of persons living in the authority’s area.

RESOLVED unanimously by those members present and voting that dispensations, as requested, should be granted to Cllrs Hayes, Higman and Powell as council tax payers in the parish of Holne, in order to consider and set the precept until the day after the next ordinary elections (thought to be 8th May 2015).


Ratification of Minutes
Members present received the minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 5 November 2013 and agreed unanimously that they be signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record of the meeting.


5.1   Members unanimously agreed to approve the following invoice for payment:

  • Cheque no 693 – P Owen - £33.60 – Hedgetrimming for Playpark
  • Cheque no 694 – RBL – £17.00 – Poppy wreath

5.2   Members considered budget proposals for 2014/15.  The clerk reminded members   
        that the level of council tax support grant that this council would receive from SHDC 
        would reduce from £248 to £214 in 2014/15.  A small increase in the precept demand 
        (£34) would therefore be necessary to maintain the level of income received from 
        SHDC as that received in 2013/14.  After a discussion, it was considered that it was
        probably not necessary to increase the precept any further than this though it was
        agreed that a final decision would not be made until January’s meeting.

5.3   Members received a request from St Mary’s PCC for a grant towards the cost of  
        maintaining the churchyard.  It was agreed that this would be placed on January’s
        agenda for consideration.  In the meantime, the clerk would request a copy of their


6.1       New Planning Application
6.1.1    0606/13 – Erection of two-storey extension to form additional  
             accommodation over existing garage at Stonehanger, Holne
             Members had no objections.
6.2       Decisions
             6.2.1   0147/13 – Two storey extension to dwelling including first floor decking,
                         Higher Michelcombe Farm, Holne
                         Members noted that DNPA has refused planning permission

             6.2.2    0529/13 – Erection of second story extension above existing lean-two
                         toilet/shower room  at rear of  the property to create well at Bearwood,
                         Members noted that DNPA has granted planning permission.

6.3       Review of Enforcement Service – Compliance with occupancy conditions  
             on rural dwellings
            Members received and noted correspondence from the Director of Planning, DNPA, 
             regarding compliance with occupancy conditions on rural dwellings.


Affordable Housing Development
The Chairman reported as follows:

  • Newsletter 4 has been issued by Bibio and has been published on the noticeboard.
  • A response had been received and circulated from Chris Hart, Planning Team Manager, DNPA, with regard to compliance of the dormouse licence and treatment of the hedgebank.  On the licence issue, it is understood that Natural England has reached a view on this matter and that the developers have received a formal letter with the concerns laid out together with suitable mitigation measures to restore the hedge to its former appearance. They have formed the view that there has been no detrimental impact on the Dormouse interest.  DNPA has also been working very closely with the developer and Natural England to ensure that any works are undertaken in the appropriate manner to re-stabilise the frontage hedgebank and to re-establish the hedge planting.  This is ongoing and due to be carried out in the planting season. Brian Beasley, Tees & Landscape Officer, DNPA, has met with the developers to agree the appropriate way forward and is actively monitoring the works as they progress.  This includes the newly created hedgebanks around the site boundaries.  He concluded that he is satisfied that the outcome should ensure that the finished product will be a properly constructed and stable hedgebank with appropriate planting.  Members accepted that DNPA is managing this now and ask the clerk to seek assurance that the hedge would be reinstated by the end of February.  Members also sought an acknowledgement from DNPA that there had been a breach of the planning condition.  It was agreed that this item should be placed on February’s agenda.
  • A reply from Hastoe had been received re shared ownership.  One property would now be offered for shared ownership and applications are now sought by 20 December 2013.


TAP Fund
8.1  Members received a verbal report from the Chairman in respect of work recently
        carried out by the lengthsman.   She informed members that she had bumped into Lisa
        Edmonds , DCC Highways on the day the lengthsmen were in the village and had
        directed them to the blocked leat at Playcross.  She advised that she understood that
        they also carried out work on the road to Michelcombe, Shuttaford and Gallant Le
        Bower.  However, she was disappointed that neither lengthsmen appeared to have
        any knowledge of the area, carried no maps and had travelled from Tavistock.  A
        more joined up approach would also be beneficial so that landowners may be
        contacted so that buddle holes etc can be cleared from both sides.  It was agreed that
        the clerk would write to DCC expressing theses concerns.

8.2  The Chairman reported that the First Aid training would take place in January 2014.

8.3  Members received correspondence from Holne Village Hall Management Committee
       indicating that they it would be unlikely that it would support an application for
       funding for Wifi in the village hall.  A discussion then ensued about other appropriate
       projects and how much funding was available.   It was agreed that the clerk would
       seek clarification of the funding available for this parish.  The deadline for applications
       of 10th January 2014 was also noted. 


9.1  The Chairman informed members that the agreed works to the leat from Playpark to
       Church Park is currently being undertaken.  It was suggested that once Western Power
       distribution have carried out the installation of underground cables to the new houses
       that it be established what they will do in terms of reinstatement and ask whether they
       would consider putting in two gravel tracks over the clapper bridge.

9.2   It was agreed that the Leat Working Party would be formed at the January meeting.


10.1  Cllr Hayles advised that quotations were still being obtained for the provision of new 
          equipment.  The clerk advised that the new sign at the entrance of Playpark had now 
          been erected by SHDC.

10.2  The clerk advised that a quotation was still awaited from SHDC for the provision of
         grounds maintenance from October 2014 when this service was being withdrawn by


First World War 100th Anniversary
11.1  Cllr Troake reported that he has looked at the names on the war memorial and
          advised that there were 13 listed from the First World War.   He advised that he had
          also started researching the names on the Imperial War Museum website and would
          continue with this with a view to setting up a Working Party in January to consider
          how Holne should commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World

11.2  Members received and noted correspondence from TheDartmoor Trust regarding a
         project exploring the First World War’s impact on Dartmoor communities.  It was 
         agreed not to take part in the proposed project and that any commemoration would  
         be done locally.


Potholes, highway maintenance reports and other highways issues
12.1  Members received notification of a temporary road closure (13 -24 January 2014) from
          Priddons to Play Cross to lay underground electricity cable.
12.2  It was reported that a pothole at the end of Michelcombe Road has been reported and
          filled.  The pothole at Gallant Le Bower had been reported but not filled.

12.3  Correspondence had been received regarding a branch resting on the overhead cables
          between Wotton and Chasegate.  Cllr Higman confirmed that he had reported it to  
          Open Reach and it would be dealt with.


Clerk’s or Councillors’ reports on matters authorised by the Council


Chairman’s urgent business for action by the clerk if covered by delegated powers or for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting


There were no further items of correspondence which had not already been discussed above.


Date of Next Meeting
It was confirmed that the date of the next Parish Council meeting will be Tuesday 7 January 2014 at 7.30pm.  


The meeting closed at 9.14pm.



Cllr Mrs B Owen



This has been a relevantly quiet spell for ordinary members of The County Council.

The finance/ budget recommendations are set by The Council`s Cabinet and these recommendations will be brought to all members at the end of January.

Adult care is one of the items being looked at and there are now 24,000 people with care packages in place across Devon.

With winter approaching this is likely to increase with greater demand on services.

D.C.C. is obliged to assist those who are in need of care.

The County is at present £6.5m over budget on peoples services.

There are between 400/500 school children whose 2nd language is English.

We had an Area Highways & traffic management meeting last week at Totnes.  The management of our roads was discussed at great length, we are at present receiving 60% of the funding which we were getting in 2009/10 and there is a backlog of 700,000m needed to bring all our roads up to scratch.

A band D property contributes about £42.00 to the highways finances and this is enough to repair one pothole.

It may come to only the most used and best roads being kept in a good state of repair.

Narrow country lanes which are little used may not be kept up. Parishes could do these themselves with local farmers involved within the local network.


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