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Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council
held at the Village Hall, Holne on
Tuesday 7 May 2013 at 7.30pm
Cllr B Owen (Chairman)
Cllr S Hayles
Cllr E Ross
Cllr G Simpson
Cllr D Troake
In attendance
Suzanna Hughes (Clerk) and 3 members of the public.

Open Forum:
John Nutley, DNPA, gave a report, which is attached.

Paul Arrowsmith referred to the Housing Group minutes.  He gave a personal thanks to the Housing Group members.  He thanked members for the support with regard to decisions being made over the years.

Michael French advised members that there was a meeting at DNPA on 24 May (10am-2pm) about the history of the moor.  The meeting will comprise of several local history groups.

Peter Smerdon sent a written report giving his apologies for not being able to attend as it was Rattery Parish Council’s Annual Meeting and he is the chairman.  He stated that he had visited the tearoom yesterday afternoon (Mon) after a walk to Ryders Hill and that it was good to see it busy and the shop well stocked. The weather was fantastic and we even heard the cuckoo!  He informed members that the playpark committee asked for a grant towards their new fence, which he was happy to do.  Finally, he asked whether Holne and/or Scoriton are planning Villages IN Action events this year.  Staverton want support for one as well so I will have to juggle the budget and requested that the people involved let him know.
Ross Gray, Tree Warden, was unable to attend the meeting but had informed the clerk that he was happy to continue as sole Tree Warden.  With regard to Public Rights of Way, he stated that he was very interested and has historical experience in these matters and is therefore happy to help Cllr Troake if invited.
The meeting was opened by the Chairman, Cllr Owen, at 7.46pm.


Election of Chairman
It was proposed by Cllr Simpson, seconded by Cllr Troake and unanimously agreed that Cllr Owen is re-elected as Chairman.


Declarations of Acceptance of Office
The Chairman signed a declaration of acceptance of office which was witnessed by the clerk.


Vice Chairman
It was proposed by Cllr Troake, seconded by Cllr Owen and unanimously agreed that Cllr Simpson is re-elected as Vice Chairman.


Apologies for Absence

  • District Cllr P Smerdon
  • Ross Gray


Members received and noted the resignation of Cllr Jones.  It was agreed that a letter of thanks should be sent to Cllr Jones for his services on the Parish Council since June 2012 and that the clerk should begin the process of advertising the casual vacancy. 


Declarations of Interest
Members were reminded of their responsibility to continually update their Notice of Registerable Interests and invited to state whether they have any interests in any matter to be discussed during this meeting.

There were no interests declared.


Requests for Dispensations
None received.


Ratification of Minutes
8.1  Members present received the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 2 April
       2013 and agreed unanimously that they be signed by the Chairman as a true and
       correct record of the meeting.


Election of Councillors to Committees
9.1  Planning
        Cllrs Troake and Ross together with the Chairman as ex officio

9.2   Finance
        Cllrs Ross and Simpson together with the Chairman as ex officio

9.3  Housing
       It was agreed that the Holne and Scoriton Housing Group be disbanded and that the     
       Parish Council would oversee the development.

9.4  Playpark
       It was agreed that Cllr Hayles and the Chairman would represent the Parish Council
       on Holne Playpark.


Other Committees/Parish Representatives
10.1  Village Hall Committee
          It was agreed that Cllr Simspon would represent the Parish Council on the Village
          Hall Committee.
10.2  Snow Warden
          Paul Arrowsmith agreed that he would continue as the parish snow warden.
10.3  Tree Warden
          It was agreed that Ross Gray would continue as the sole tree warden.

10.4  Other      
          It was agreed that Cllr Ross would represent the Parish Council at other meetings,
          when possible, e.g. parish cluster, DNPA meetings etc


Review of Parish Council Governance Documents
11.1  Standing Orders
          Members reviewed the Council’s Standing Orders and agreed no changes.

    •   Financial Regulations

         Members reviewed the Council’s Financial Regulations and agreed no changes.

    •   General and Financial Risk Assessment

         Members considered and adopted the General and Financial Risk Assessment subject   
         to a minor amendment.

    •   Statement of Internal Control

          Members considered and adopted a Statement of Internal Control.

    •    Fixed Assets Register

          Members reviewed and approved its fixed asset register.



12.1  Members unanimously agreed to approve the following invoices for payment:

  • Cheque no 676 - £14.90 – S Hughes (additional mileage and postage)
  • Cheque no 677 - £400 - Holne Playpark (contribution to new fence)
  • Cheque no 678 - £120 - SHDC (inspection, insurance and maintenance of play equipment)
  • Cheque no 679 - £8.00 – Village Hall Committee (hire of hall)

12.2  Precept – members noted the receipt of the first instalment of the precept - £2705.49

12.3  VAT – members noted that £150.78 has been reclaimed from VAT paid in 2012/13

12.4  Chairman’s Allowance – members approved the Chairman’s allowance of £100

12.5  Audit 2012/13 – Members received and approved the End of Year Summary and  
         Accounts and authorised the Chairman to complete the Statement of Assurance in
         order that the papers can be sent for external audit.

12.6   Insurance - Members received, reviewed and approved the renewal quotation for
          2013/14 with Community First at a cost of £158.94 (cheque no 680).


13.1  New applications/appeals
         ENF/0097/12 – Appeal against enforcement notice issued by DNPA on 28 February    
         2013, Higher Michelcombe Farm, Holne. 


          [The notice was issued for the following reasons: that without planning permission, a 
           material  change of use of the building to a use as two separate dwelling houses and   
           requires the following action to be taken: stop using the building as two separate    
           dwelling houses; and, remove the spiral staircase; and reinstate the ceiling and floor 
           between the ground floor sitting room and first floor bedroom where the spiral  
           staircase has been removed; and, reinstate the interconnecting doors, hallway and
           Members agreed they had no additional observations or comments.


TAP Funding
14.1  Cllr Simpson reported that the food hygiene and first aid courses had been advertised
          and that 21 people had shown an interest in the food hygiene courses and 19 for the
          first aid course.  A quote has been obtained and a further quote is awaited.   The plan
          is to hold the food hygiene course first over two evenings in June.  The first aid
          course will cost £120 for 10 people and it is thought that this would be done in two
          groups.  If there is any money left over, it was thought that those working in the shop
          could attend a safety management course.

14.2   The Chairman reported that following  meeting with Lisa Edmonds, it was
          established that the leat on the road where it goes under Cott drive, is not Highways’
          responsibility.  Various options were discussed as to how to tackle the problem of      
          blocked leats generally and how to best utilise the funding obtained from the TAP    
          fund.  It was concluded that a quotation should be sought from South West
          Highways to clean the buddle holes very thoroughly throughout the parish.
          The Chairman also reported that on her walkabout with DCC Highways officers,   
          they noticed the condition of the road on the left going up to Church House and it
          would be on the list for some time in the future to create a channel in order to drain
          water past Village Farm.
          It was further agreed to write to John French, Holne Commoners Association about
          its responsibility to maintain the leats.


Bench Plaques
It was agreed that the wording for the replacement plaque on the jubilee bench should read ‘EIIR 1977’ and this would be arranged by Paul Arrowsmith.


Leat Repairs
The Chairman informed members that the Dartmoor Trust has already approved a grant of £1000 towards the work on the leat and that it can be carried out under the joint DNPA/Dartmoor Trust Leat project scheme so there is no need to go down the grant application route.   The Chairman would enquire whether an application to the Dartmoor Sustainable Community Fund was now necessary.


Community Right to Bid
Members reconsidered the information relating to the community right to bid and agreed that at the present time it would not nominate any assets.



Mobile Stable at Holne Bridge
The Chairman advised that the shelter appears to have been moved but not much and requested that the clerk informed the enforcement officer and ask whether the distance it had moved was sufficient for the shelter to be considered ‘temporary’.


The clerk advised that Paul Arrowsmith had given her a copy of Dreamweaver this evening and therefore should now be in a position to bring the website up to date.


The Chairman advised that Holne Playpark has now secured enough funding to take down the old and put up a new fence using volunteers and the help of a parishioner who works for a landscaping company.  Holne Playpark requested confirmation from the Parish Council that it is happy for them to proceed on this basis and if the Parish Council’s insurance will cover the fence if erected by volunteers with expert help.  The clerk agreed to check with the insurers.


Parish Footpaths
Following a walk of the paths, members were in agreement that the paths were generally in a good condition.   It was further agreed to defer further discussion until the next meeting to which Cllr Troake would bring the definitive map.


Holne and Scoriton Housing Group
Cllr Simpson reported that Bibio (of Ivybridge) has been awarded the contract to build the affordable houses.  The manager is Gavin Caldwell.  Planning/building conditions will be published on DNPA’s website.  The question of grant funding from SHDC was mentioned though it is thought it would be unlikely that a further grant would be made.

Cllr Simpson further advised that the Housing Group’s recommendation was to disband as its work had come to an end.  The build was due to start on 13 May and there was still the need to nominate a ‘liaison officer’.  Jo Flint was due to visit the village and it was suggested that she meets with the nominated ‘liaison officer’.   Issues to be addressed include driver behaviours, traffic calming etc.  Another issue is housing allocation and s.106 agreement.   A public meeting is suggested part way through the build. 

It was unanimously agreed that the Holne and Scoriton Housing Group disbands and housing issues are now dealt with by the Parish Council. 

Cllr Simpson proposed that Cllr Ross acts as the ‘liaison officer’ which she agreed to do on the basis that she would see how it went.  This was supported by all members.    The Chairman is to be kept informed.  Any reports would be forwarded to the clerk of Buckfastleigh West Parish Council in order to keep its members informed.  

Cllr Simpson finally suggested that any money left over in the affordable housing fund be given to Playpark.


Potholes, highway maintenance reports and other highways issues
It was reported that a change of priorities appears to have been created following some re-lining of the roads.  A junction had been created on the Scoriton turn off on the Holne to Michelcombe road whereas the junction should be on the Michelcombe turn off (the Holne to Scortion road being the main road).  The clerk would advice DCC Highways as it is thought that this was an error.


Clerk’s or Councillor’s reports on matters authorised by the Council at previous meetings not otherwise on this agenda
It was reported that Cllrs Ross, Troake and Hayles had attended the parish council workshop hosted by DNPA, the minutes of which had been circulated to all members.


Chairman’s urgent business for action by the clerk if covered by delegated powers or for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting


26.1  Members received details about the forthcoming cluster meeting on 12 June and were 
         invited to suggest items for the agenda.  The information was passed to Cllr Ross for


Date of Next Meeting
It was confirmed that the date of the next Parish Council meeting will be Tuesday 4 June at 7.30pm.  


The meeting closed at 9.36pm.



Cllr Mrs B Owen







Holne Parish Council  Annual Parish Meeting
Report of John Nutley, DNPA

Due to cutbacks in financing from DEFRA meant that staffing numbers had to be reduced, and around 25 staff had to be made redundant or take early retirement. After things had settled down members thought it would be a good idea if we had a meeting with the staff that were fortunate enough to keep their jobs.
Last June/July Helen Jenny, Peter Harper and myself spent the day having group meetings with all the Officers, Office staff, Rangers and Information staff to see how they were coping with the loss of some of their colleagues, as some had to take on more responsibility. Their responses were very positive and most seem to be coping well. They were all grateful in having the chance to express their views and concerns and we have told them that we would have further meetings in the future.

Due to the 8 year ruling that members are allowed to serve on the DNAP we have lost two valuable Secretary of State members Nigel Hoskins and Trevor Smale. Although this will give others the opportunity to become members and bring new ideas, it will be a pity to lose very knowledgeable and valued members in the coming years.
We will be consulting on revised National Park Management Plan from late May.
The purpose of the plane is to:
-- Set out a shared long-term vision and ambitions for the National Park.
-- Provide the framework for partnership working through clear priorities and action plans. 
-- Establish a basis for focusing resources and drawing in funding.
-- Provide a focus for the work of the Authority and how it accounts to Government.
-- Illustrate how partner organisations have due regard for National Park purposes.
The revised plan will be structured around three themes: Sustain, Enjoy and Prosper

Landscape Partnership Bid
As our Chief Executive Kevin Bishop puts it - We won the lottery (well sort of) The Authority and partners have secured a ‘stage 1’ approval for a Landscape Partnership programme from the Heritage Lottery Fund.
A total of £2m has been ring-fenced for the Moor than meets the eye project (against a total scheme value of £4.6m) and £100,000 released to fund work on the detailed business plan which needs to be submitted by January 2014.
The programme will be structured around a number of themes including:
-- Unveiling and conserving the archaeology of the high moor.
-- Learning about, conserving and sharing medieval Dartmoor.
-- Discovering the lost industrial landscape.
-- Moor skills, moor products, poor partners - resources for community based projects to discover, record and improve heritage features.
-- Improve access for all.

Rural Community Broadband
In September 2012 we secured approval for a Rural Community Broadband Fund grant, worth up to £1.6m.
This programme is focused on so-called NOT SPOTS. This is areas that the market and wider Broadband UK initiative will not reach.
The next stage is to submit a detailed business case for approval, but we can not do this until Connecting Devon and Somerset (a joint venture between the County Councils and BT) confirm the areas that they will not connect.
We will keep the Parish Councils informed of developments.

DMD Examinations (Development Management and Delivery Development Plan Document)
This has been quite an extensive procedure and a lot of work has been put into this by both Dan Janota and David Lillington who are both Forward Planners on the DNPA. Public hearing meetings were arranged with the inspector carrying out the examination.
In carrying out the examinations, the inspector found a few entries not to be sound.
After more work by Dan and David the inspector is now happy with the contents of the document and it is hoped that this will be published in July.




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