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Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council
held at the Village Hall, Holne on
Tuesday 8 January 2013 at 8.00pm
Cllr Mrs B Owen (Chairman)
Cllr C Jones
Cllr G Simpson
Cllr D Troake
In attendance
Suzanna Hughes (Clerk), County Cllr Penington, District Cllr Smerdon, PCSO Campbell-Mosely and 4 members of the public.

Open Forum:

County Cllr Pennington
Informed members that Devon County Council had not started the budget process yet which was due to be finalised on 21 February.  He advised that he had attended a briefing organised by Highways about working with town and parish councils.

He reminded members that money was still available in the TAP fund and, as an example of how the funding opportunity could be utlilised, advised that some parishes working together had secured funding for an emergency parish sweeper at a cost of £2,300 for the year. 

He further advised that currently there are 24 lengthsmen covering 360 parishes and a team of 2 will visit the parish 4 times per year.  If the parish has specific problems it should contact the Highways Officer, Lisa Edmunds, who will arrange for the matter to be dealt with by the lenghtsmen. 

District Cllr Smerdon
He informed members that South Hams District Council is in the midst of its budgeting process.  There is a budget shortfall of £479,000 and SHDC are therefore looking at ways to close the gap.  Ideas being mooted include:

PCSO Campbell-Mosely
PCSO Campbell-Mosely circulated the Neighbourhood report from November to members.  She advised that there were no crimes reported in Buckfastleigh West and whilst no crimes were reported in Holne, there were 4 incidents.  She informed members that the local area had suffered a number of burglaries from empty properties and garages targeting power tools, garden equipment, fishing equipment, cash, antiques and jewellery.

Michael French
Advised members that during the heavy rain, a torrent of water was running through the village due to the buddle holes and drains being blocked.  It was agreed that the clerk would contact the lenghtsman.

Keith Evans
Mr Evans informed members that as far as he was aware Hastoe had not yet formally responded to the issues raised by members of the public in the drop-in session held on 10 October.  Cllr Simpson advised that Hastoe have taken on board the issues and comments and had amended designs accordingly.  She was not aware that Hastoe would be responding directly to individuals.

Mr Evans reminded members that at last month’s meeting, it had been agreed that there would be a pre-application meeting between Hastoe and the Housing Group and questioned whether that meeting had taken place.  Cllr Jones explained that an attempt had been made to hold a meeting before Christmas but due to other commitments, this had not been possible.    He added that as the final designs had not been received from Hastoe there was no urgency for a meeting.  Cllr Simpson confirmed that the amended drawings had only been received at the end of last week and a meeting of the Housing Group would now be organised.

Mr Evans was informed by members that Hastoe had met with DNPA who were happy with the designs but there are issues around the bat mitigation which were still outstanding.  Hastoe is still hoping that they will be able to submit the application to DNPA very soon as they had to comply with a tight schedule regarding funding arrangements.

Members agreed that they were happy for the designs which had just been received by Hastoe to be posted on the noticeboard.  It appears that there have been no significant changes.


Apologies for Absence

  • Cllr E Ross
  • John Nutley, DNPA


Declarations of Interest
Members were reminded of their responsibility to continually update their Notice of Registerable Interests and invited to state whether they have any interests in any matter to be discussed during this meeting.

  • Cllr Jones declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in item 7.1.
  • Cllr Jones declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 8 as he has close family ties with one or more persons on the housing list.



Requests for Dispensations
Cllrs Owen, Simpson, Ross, Troake and Jones requested a dispensation to discuss and vote on, at this meeting and future meetings of Holne Parish Council, the budget and setting of the precept as council tax payers in this parish.  It was further stated that without the dispensation the number of persons unable to participate in the transaction of business would be so great as to impede the transaction of the business and the granting of a dispensation was in the interests of persons living in the authority’s area.

RESOLVED unanimously by those members present and voting that dispensations, as requested, should be granted to Cllrs Owen, Simpson, Ross, Troake and Jones as council tax payers in the parish of Holne, in order to consider and set the precept until the day after the next ordinary elections (thought to be 8th May 2015).


Ratification of Minutes
Members present received the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting of 4 December 2012.

RESOLVED unanimously that the minutes of the Parish Council meeting dated 4 December 2012 be signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record of the meeting.


Standing Orders
Members agreed to adopt the proposed amendment to standing orders adding a section relating to how this council handles requests for dispensations.


6.1   It was RESOLVED to approve the following invoice for payment:

  • Cheque no 665 – S Hughes – £176.23 (salary and disbursements)
  • Cheque no 666 – HMRC - £88.80

6.2  Members considered and approved a grant of £400 to St Mary’s PCC towards the 
       maintenance of the churchyard (Cheque no 667)

6.3  Budget and precept:
       Members received and considered information relating to the localised council tax   
       support schemes which will replace council tax benefit from April 2013.  Members     
       were also apprised that in the Local Government Finance Settlement which was  
       announced on 19th December, with final  figures to Local Government late on 21st
       December, there was no order issued for excessive local council precepts, so town and
       parish councils are not being capped this year.  That may not be the case in future
       years as the Secretary of State retains the power to issue a limit in Council tax increase
       that would trigger a referendum.   In view of this and after a discussion, it was agreed
       that the budget proposals as drafted be approved and that there be no increase in the
       precept to be demanded from South Hams District Council.  The figure to be
       demanded was therefore agreed as £5,280.



7.1  0630/12 – Non-compliance with agricultural occupancy condition, Priddons
       Farmhouse, Holne

       Having declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in this item, Cllr Jones left the

Members agreed to support this application for a Certificate of Lawfulness.

       Cllr Jones rejoined the meeting.

7.2  0653/12 – Alterations to barn (approved ancillary accommodation) in association with  
       conversion to holiday accommodation, Seale Stoke Farm, Holne
       Members agreed to support this application.

7.3  0581/12 – Amended plans – Alterations and extensions to reform garage and
       outbuildings, Stares Nest, Holne
       Members agreed to support the application.

7.4  Review of Enforcement Service (DNPA)
       Members received a letter from the Director of Planning informing them that the   
       DNPA were reviewing its planning enforcement service.  Members were invited to  
       complete a questionnaire to aid the process.


Holne and Scoriton Housing Group
8.1  A report was given in the Open Forum and therefore no further report was necessary.

8.2  It was agreed that it was not appropriate to consider the plans provided by Hastoe in
       this meeting and they would be studied by the Housing Group at their next meeting.
       The drawings would be left in the Village Hall for parishioners to view.

8.3  Cllr Simpson informed members that it is usual for Parish Councils to send a letter      
       endorsing the work of the Housing Association which is then submitted by the
       Housing Association with the planning application.  A lengthy debate ensued as to the
       content of such a letter and concerns were voiced that the Parish Council should be
       cautious about issues of predetermination.  Cllr Simpson clarified that Hastoe was not
       looking for a letter of support for the development but an endorsement of their
       involvement in the process and a factual summary  of the work which the Parish
       Council and its Housing Group has done to reach the stage it is now at.  After this
       clarification, members unanimously agreed that a letter as requested should be drafted
       by the clerk and sent to Hastoe.



    •  Cllr Owen advised that the Playpark Committee had not met and therefore there would not be a report until next month.
    • Members received email correspondence from South Hams District Council stating

       reminding them of the obligation to provide adequate signs on all play areas and that   
       as part of their service to the Parish Council they are offering, at a subsidised rate, to
       provide up to two signs specific to the play area.  South Hams District Council will
       provide each sign at a subsidised rate of £30 per sign, to include design, production
       and installation.  Once installed the sign(s) will become the responsibility of the site
       owner including any replacements that are needed due to wear and tear or vandalism. 
       Members agreed to obtain the appropriate signage as suggested by South Hams
       District Council and for members of Holne Playpark to agree content etc.


Shaping Community Services for the Future
Members were advised of the consultation launched by Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care NHS Trust to engage local communities about options for care in Ashburton, Buckfastleigh and Bovey Tracey communities.   The consultation period runs until 15 February and it was therefore agreed to defer this item until the next meeting.


Field Shelter at Holne Bridge
Members were informed that DNPA’s Enforcement Officer, Andy West, was aware of the field shelter at Holne Bridge having received a letter from a member of the public in October 2012.  He advised that temporary structure was permitted and would not require planning permission.  However, if the shelters are being erected and not moved they therefore become permanent.  He further advised that he will take further action at the end of January (i.e. after 3 months) and at that point he may challenge whether it requires planning permission.


Town and Parish Fund
Members were reminded that there was an additional meeting of the Northern Cluster on 23 January 2013 at which, due to funding not being fully allocated, applications for additional funding would be considered. Holne Shop and Tearooms have submitted an application for additional funding to supplement the grant previously obtained.  Cllr Smerdon advised that he would be attending the meeting.   


Parish Footpaths
This item was deferred until the next meeting.


Community Right to Bid
This item was deferred until the next meeting.


Annual Parish Meeting
A date was set for Wednesday 27 March at 7.30pm.


Potholes, highway maintenance reports and other highways issues
Cllr Simpson informed members that she had attended a flood seminar at which she raised the flooding issues at Langaford.


Clerk’s or Councillor’s Reports on matters authorised by the Council at previous meetings not otherwise on this agenda.


Chairman’s urgent business for action by the clerk if covered by delegated powers or for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting
Items for next month’s agenda:




Date of Next Meeting
It was confirmed that the date of the next Parish Council meeting will be Tuesday 5 February 2013 at 8.00pm.  


The meeting closed at 10.10pm




Cllr Mrs B Owen



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