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Village Hall

Where Holne Village Hall obtains its income

In Sept 1998 a generous bequest was made to the Hall by John and Anne Pearce Gould, thus putting the Hall on a secure financial footing. Since then great improvements have been made in the decor, the kitchen, storage, heating, hearing loop system and other equipment. With the generous help of Mr Fred Carro, a new and adaptable lighting system with dimmers and spotlights has been installed, much improving the ambience and potential of the Hall. Income is mainly derived from hire charges and regular fund raising events that occur throughout the year eg the plant sale.

Photograph of Woodlands

How Holne Village Hall is used

We are very proud of our Village Hall with its spacious room and separate well-equipped kitchen, which was refurbished in 2012. The Management Committee ensure that the hall is properly maintained and that health and safety checks are done regularly.

As well as being highly adaptable, the hall is also a good place for childrens' parties, workshops, dance, and gymnastics, T’Ai Chi, theatre productions, wedding receptions, meetings or other functions.

We hold an Entertainment Licence, and an occasional permission for wine may be applied for after agreement with the Management Committee.

The Whist Drive is, without doubt, the longest running activity in the Hall. It meets every Thursday at 7.30p.m. attended by people from all over the area. There are useful prizes, and happy evenings are had by all. Contact Judy Henderson on 631461.

The Garden Club started in June 1995, with the first meeting on Nov 15th 1995. It is supported by people from a wide area. There are regular talks, competitions and visits, usually held on the third Wednesday of the month, all of which are advertised in the Parish Link. Further details from Judy Henderson on 631461

Regular events are held every year, including the Plant Sale in May and the Christmas Fair in December. These are advertised in the Parish Link and on notice boards.

Mike and Gill Cunniam, who run ‘Holne Second Hand Books’, hold a book sale in the hall over Easter weekend. They also sell books at each regular hall event. The money raised goes towards the hall, community organisations and charity.

Photograph looking Towards Rowbrook

Holne Village Hall



Hire of hall


For enquiries about the Hall please phone Coral Brown (Booking Clerk) on 01364 631191 (please leave message) or email holnevillagehall@gmail.com    

There is a summer charge per week without heat.

The winter charge has heat included.

Local parishioners and visitors are charged per hour at a different rate, see below.

Winter (heat included)
£4 per hour 

£8 per hour 

Summer (without heat)
£3 per hour    


Free hour to get the hall ready before and half an hour afterwards.

Anyone hiring the hall is expected to treat the hall with respect, leaving it clean and tidy when they leave, floors swept, items put away, lights turned off. Rubbish should be removed by the hirer. Any damage should be reported to the Booking Clerk.

Charges for hiring items to take away
Trestle tables - 50p per table
Chairs - 10p per chair
Crockery - £5 the lot
Tea urn and teapots - £5 the lot
Teapot - £1



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