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Village Hall


Holne Village Hall Management Committee 2015-2016


Chairman                      Peter Bellamy                                   631323
Vice Chairman              Malcolm Fairman                               631366
Book Keeper                Keith Evans (not a Trustee)              631542
Secretary                     Gilly Simpson                                    631344
Minute Secretary          Yvonne Fairman(in Gilly’s absence)  631366          
Booking Clerk              Coral Brown (not a Trustee)             631191 (holnevillagehall@gmail.com)
Maintenance Officer                                                                                             

Fete Committee
Garden Group             Judy Henderson                                  631461

Parish Council             Gilly Simpson                                      631344
PCC                             Judy Henderson                                  631461
Whist Club                  Judy Henderson                                  631461
Shop                            Gilly Simpson                                     631344


Co-opted members                                                          

Malcolm Fairman                          631366
Yvonne Fairman                           631366
Carol Harper                               631044
John Fogden                               631391
Nicky Bellamy 631323

Cleaner                        Karen Davey (not on committee)                

The Village Hall Management Committee meets at 7.00 p.m on the second Tuesday of each alternate month

All members of the committee are Trustees of the Charity (except for Keith Evans, Bookkeeper, and Coral Brown, Booking Clerk)

Members of the public are invited to speak before the start of each committee meeting.

Holne Village Hall Meeting Minutes


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