Holne Village Hall

Holne Village Hall Management Committee


Chairman?s report 2007-2008



It has been a fairly uneventful year except for the heating continually breaking down.


Unfortunately we have seen the demise of both the toddlers and the short mat bowls groups.  Hopefully the bowls will recommence in October but we do need a few more players.


This year?s finances have remained stable with both the plant sale and the Christmas Fair producing substantial sums, albeit a little lower than the previous year?s record figures.


Mike and Gill Cunniam contributed over 1000 to hall funds from the book sales at which they work extremely hard.  Our grateful thanks go to them for all their efforts.


This year we replaced the old heavy tables with six lightweight ones and we added an additional radiator to improve the heating.


During the coming year it is almost certain that we will have to replace the boiler.  We have also obtained quotations to put up a false ceiling.  This may prove controversial with some of the community so there may be a need to call a special meeting.  We are also replacing the car park notice board and we still have to address the issue of the hall electrics.


I would like to thank the committee members for their support.  As chair I must thank Margie for her ceaseless hard work as booking clerk and for always being on hand.  I would also like to than Gill Simpson for her work as secretary, Keith Evans for agreeing to act as our bookeeper and for his meticulous accounting and finally my wife, Rosemary for assisting me personally.


Holne Village Hall
Chairman's Report 2005-2006

It has been an exceptionally busy year for the committee and a somewhat expensive one for hall funds. The main change has been the completion of new toilets which include proper facilities for people with physical disabilities. After allowing for grants from South Hams Council and the lottery fund, the net cost to us was just below £3000.

Near the end of 2005, the boiler packed in and we were without central heating for almost a month. This involved further expense as well as a much higher electricity bill due to the discovery that the heaters in the new toilets were on for 24 hours a day at a high temperature. Hopefully, this situation has now been resolved. As with every household, fuel costs for both gas and electricity have soared.

On the positive side, the plant sale realised nearly £900 and the Christmas Fair produced over £1,000 which we shared equally with the church. My sincere thanks to all those who worked so hard for such tremendous results.

Mike and Gill Cunniam have kindly taken on the task of selling books for the hall funds and as always, the hall was open to the public on Easter Monday for the sale of books. This year Rosemary and I decided, with the permission of the committee, to extend the activities to include an exhibition of paintings by local artists and the sale of carved wood items by Paul Acke. There were also poems for sale by Rew Roberts. The proceeds from these items went to the new Friends of Holne Church charity.

As a result of the additional interest by the public the sale of books produced in excess of £158 on the day. Our sincere thanks to Mike and Gill for all their hard work. This means that since they took over, they have produced approximately £350 for our funds.

Looking forward to the coming year, we are resurfacing the main area of the car park which will cost in excess of £2,250. Dartmoor National Park has promised us £1,000 towards the cost on the proviso that we slightly amend the wording of the car park notice.

I must thank the members of the committee for their support and in particular, the two Gills who have done an outstanding job in their roles as secretary and treasurer and Margie who does such a fine job as the booking clerk. She has also been a great help to me in what has sometimes been difficult circumstances. She and her family have also done various jobs in the hall as well as repairing the side gate.

Finally, my thanks to Rosemary for coming on to the committee so that I may be kept in order and for reminding me of things which I constantly forget.