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HVHMC  Chairman’s  report 2012 - 2013-04-30

Good evening.  I am pleased to report that it has been a good year, with the achieving of our aims of upkeep, maintenance, improvements, fund raising and using some of the monies raised over the years to improve the facilities and safety of the hall.

Our main achievement has been the complete replacement and renovation of the KITCHEN , bringing it up to modern standards of equipment and decor. We now have new units, microwave, cooker, a fridge and a new floor, plus redecoration.
None of this would have been possible without the hard work from Malcolm, ably assisted by Yvonne and Carol, and also Keith for his financial input. Many grateful  thanks to you all.
It is hoped that this new facility will attract new users to the hall, and generally increased bookings.
Mike and Gill Cunniam donated the money for the fridge from their book sales. Many thanks.

This has now been overhauled and renovated, and is proudly on display this evening , as it has recently returned from the clockmaker. We are particularly delighted as it is the original village school clock made by David Ross of Exeter.
Thank you Keith for all your time and effort with this project.

a] The exterior has been completely repainted and defective guttering replaced.
B] loose /missing ridge tiles replaced
C] The Hewitt bench and noticeboards restained.
D] The old ship style weather vane , donated by Commander Smallwood in the 1990’s, has been put back in its rightful position. It may not rotate with the wind, but is secure and safe 1
I think you will all agree that these works have made a pleasing difference to the appearance of the hall, and protect it from the elements.

Another important piece of work ,on the inside, has been the review of fire safety precautions, procedures and regulations, with new signage and lighting. Many thanks to Malcolm for overseeing this project.
Many thanks ., also to Gordon Bamsey and Andrew Steep for their invaluable voluntary work both inside and outside the hall.

Activity has increased and new groups have hired the hall. This has included children’s drama , kinesiology sessions, and recently 14 fireman stayed overnight, during their 2 Moors walk. A good time to have had a fire in Holne !
The booking agreement has been thoroughly reviewed by the committee, and is now in place. Many thanks to our booking clerk, Katie,for all her hard work in arranging the bookings, generally keeping an eye on the place, and managing the heating system !
As usual, the hall has been put to good use by various local groups and organisations.

The committee ran two successful events in 2012, namely the Plant Sale in May, and the Christmas Fair in December. These were much enjoyed by all, and raised £701 and £950 respectively.
Mike and Gill Cunniam ran their very good book sale over the Easter weekend. They have raised several thousand pounds for local charities over the years, and this has often included the hall. This year has seen new banners for the plant sale and Christmas Fair. Thank you very much.
I would also like to thank Des and Jackie Sheridan for their generous donations to hall funds, from the sale of their excellent photo cards. Much appreciated.

SO , to close. The hall continues to flourish, and its use increase, providing a pleasant and vital meeting place for the village and local community. Together with the church, shop and tearooms, and pub, we are keeping Holne firmly on the map !
Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all who have supported the hall during this past year, and in particular my hard working committee, without whom none of this would happen !

We look forward to another good year.

Peter Bellamy




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